Sunday, November 29, 2015

2695. Their Job as Students Now Trains Them for Life

Some posts before I said teens are capable of great ideals, right? 

Now I would like to add that we teachers and parents should help them focus those desires of changing the world into carrying out their studies and learning at the classroom. 

That’s their job or profession now: attend classes and learn at school, and at home or at libraries invest the enough time to digest what they have been explained at school by us their teachers plus the specific texts we have worked on at the classroom. With a more peaceful mood and pace. 

In that way too within years they’ll be capable to face up with daily stuff, with lives as professionals. A kid that studies now will be capable to afford many daily problems. A good student now: more likely he will be an upright and honest person. This is from my experience with the young. / Photo from: magoosh com
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