Sunday, November 29, 2015

2696. Initiatives By Young People to Improve Society

Now I would like to add something to the previous post. 

I said youngsters have high ideals, and this is not just good, but excellent. 

They should focus on studies and learning, but let’s promote and channel and direct their ideals into something grand, like fighting for peace – a fight of peace and love of benevolence -, 
helping the poor with visits to poor families, 
visiting shacks – we teachers will accompany our students -, 
taking care and being environmental friends, 
taking their friends to the holy sacraments… 

Let’s channel their ideals to initiatives by them – they can have better ideas than us adults – and others like assisting an elderly center, 
taking food to poor families, 
cooperating with Caritas (in Spain), 
giving a meal with the spoon to a disabled old person in an elderly center, etc. 

The more I write, the more ideas come to mind. 

Also youth is an age when we could encounter God and give ourselves to him, in the middle of the world, as regular Christians maybe. 

All this is worthy stopping to think, to think with them. / Photo from: romangomez edu blog
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