Wednesday, November 4, 2015

2657. What can I do with my teen kids?

As expert Teresa Artola González puts it, it’s parents who have to get used to treating their teen children, and learn about it! 

Suddenly, one day, the son that loved us so much turns into a person who seems he has lost that love to us, and he behaves even weird, or at least not in the way he usually did. 

Now he puts our authority as parents to the test. 

He closes in his room, when he isn’t with his group of friends or at school, and music sounding and piercing our ears very loudly. He doesn’t want to dress as he used to, and he, or she dresses in a bit strange way. Now teens like to wear their pants (I mean trousers) torn. 

Etcetera. I mean, I could continue and go on with more signals of their difficult age, but I think I said enough. 

We as parents have to love him, listen to him, learn how to treat him, and load up with a lot of patience. 

If you’re worried, among other things, you can think about what you were like when you were the same age as him or her. Is there anyone on earth who has not put their parents to the test when he or she was a teen? 

One more thing, many moms think he or she doesn’t love them yet and suffer pretty much… Perhaps is the momentum to have tranquil conversations with him or her, and listen, listen, listen. They also expect we give them clear and solid criteria, albeit it doesn't look so. / Photo from: girl-sleeping-in-class blog english-attack com
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