Wednesday, November 25, 2015

2684. A useful worksheet?

From: City Lights (1931). Sorry for the formatting bugs, I just copied and pasted the worksheet, but the result is not the same as on a sheet of paper.

Worksheet 182
Revision of last year. Useful expressions
1.    I want to check out if I have got all the worksheets.
2.    We will go to the airport to pick up Sarah.
3.    We have a booking, room number 231.
4.    He is staying in a single room at the hotel.
5.    Let’s hope so.
6.    I don’t think so.
7.    The Three Wise Men gave presents to baby Jesus: gold, frankincense and myrth.
8.    Oh, have you got an umbrella? It’s drizzling. It won’t last long anyway.
9.    We assumed her first name was Irish and the second Christian.
10. We were an overwhelming army for the Nazis.
11. My companions ducked or jumped onto the ground.
12. It’s a quarter till nine.
13. We haven’t got anything in red right now.
14. Can you call back later? The line is engaged / busy.
15. What bus number do I need to go to Trafalgar Square?
16. Glasgow is the second city concerning economic issues.

Story: Jenny at the front. The Great War
It was weird in 1914, but I thought otherwise: Why a woman could not be an ambulance driver? Then I was the single woman driving ambulances.
I was fighting with the Russians, though I was from England. I missed England. Our family then had some lands in Yorkshire. Oh, that scent of dry grass in the summers lingered in my mind!
My brothers used to help out at the farm. I was the only daughter in my family – all the others were boys, although my brother Andrew was not a boy any longer precisely, he was a young man.
Up to some extent he was the most beloved son of my father’s, yet Dad loved each child of his in a different way. When we asked him why he loved each of us differently, he chuckled and said that any of us was different from the other children.

I missed Mum too. I don’t know if it was because I loved Mum so much, but I think she was a very valuable woman.
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