Monday, November 16, 2015

2673. The Value of Vocational Training Must Be Boosted

In Spain we have about 50% of unemployment amongst the young – about 25 year-old people or younger. We are diminishing unemployment in general, but here on this post I wanted to refer to the young. 

Some wise people think that is so because our professional training and degree are looked down in practice, in real life. 

If we achieve to re-organize that vocational training we shall have better results. 

Traditionally professional training – “formación profesional” – has been undervalued: it was for low-achievement students. 

By pushing up and increasing up the social value plus bettering the programs of those studies we could get better results, and corporations and firms might hire more people, and as you all know, professional work is a paramount point in people’s resume or CV (“Curriculum Vitae”). 
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