Friday, November 20, 2015

2678. Children Often Are Awesome!

Yesterday I attended a lecture by Dr. Kovacs. I will try to pass you on some of the marvelous and amazing things he said, like for example the fact that a child of two years can learn to read, and read actually, and so he becomes more autonomous for his growing up and discovering things a child that age can like, namely mom and dad, and others. 

Before the actual speech, a counsellor of the city hall, as an introduction, said that we teachers do not just confine our labor to teaching and instructing, but also to giving values and fostering virtues. 

By the way, a child aged two can be stimulated so early as to be able to recognize the letters and so to read a text. / Photo from: getty_rf_photo_of_toddler_scribbling www webmd com
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