Wednesday, November 18, 2015

2675. Just Nice Experiences in Classes

A few hours ago I’ve come from the center where I teach English. 

I’m not a native English speaker, as it’s clear enough. Yet we have gotten some volunteer girl or girls for the students of English could have conversations in that language. 

She or they are Americans. 

It’s a nice chance for listening and speaking with a native speaker. However few students of mine wrote their names on a sheet of paper I handed out today for them to write their names, if they would like. 

Next Monday I will insist on this nice chance, and will say further things to attract them to this great opportunity. 

I join our neighbors’ sorrow for the victims of terrorism – I live in Spain, so next to France. I pray to Saint Mary for peace, for French people, and for a nice conviviality among so different people. / Photo from: Eiffel-Tower_10 cheapvacationholiday com
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