Monday, November 23, 2015

2682. Grand Ideals Among Youngsters

We teachers should realize that adolescence is an age, among other traits, prone to ideals, to change the reality at their negative strokes and elements, to think in grand, to donate themselves to ideals or to specific people. 

Teens feel a vast change in their interiority. 

They don’t know how to behave, they mind their friends’ opinions and classmates’ ones a great deal. 

We teachers have to empathize with each of them, being comprehensive and prone to understand them. Make good use of the tutoring times as a momentum to leak their interior wounds, together with their parents, with whom we will try to arrange dates. 

Kids expect a sure line from us teachers, and coherence, and we have to provide and offer values, Christian values, I would say. Or in other words, offer Jesus Christ, true God and true man. 

Oh, they're open to encounter love, love without surnames. / Photo from: Frudlyn wallpapercave com fall landscape
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