Tuesday, November 10, 2015

2663. Please listen to your students

Teens should be listened to by their parents, elder siblings, and by us teachers at tutoring sessions. 

Thus we can help them say out their problems and they can give vents to them, like for example a starting of bullying. 

The student can feel horrible, even with thoughts of suicide, and we adults can help them a lot. They have to leave the tutoring session with relief, because we have listened to them, and we have helped them say their struggles. 

I remember now at remedial summer courses where kids had to live at the school, and they had many study hours and classes. 

They were allowed to leave the school on Fridays, for the weekend, with their families, if they had passed their week exams. In these extreme cases also those students could count on a teacher to convey their problems and feelings, and they opened up to tell their interior struggles. / Photo from: teacher-w-students cyberem com
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