Sunday, November 15, 2015

2671. The population pyramid: some worry in Western society

We teachers, even more in parents’ case, can fall in a fault for becoming superprotector parents. 

Many families in Spain now have a single child, or two at the most. We have a problem of the pyramid of population: if this situation keeps being so, within twenty years there will be a lot more oldies than young people (!). 

There is no population recharge. 

Many families, this is also true, are sacrificing and giving up having a newer appliance or a car for having more children, or moreover they have to cut off vacations for a bit or concerning the destination. 

In other words they are open up to receiving the kids God will give them, coming to the head of the problem. 

Children in large families could learn better, from their brothers and sisters alike; this is taken from experience, from life as such – I know many families this kind. / Photo from: 143StudyAbroad www hercampus com
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