Sunday, November 1, 2015

2654. Bullying, just bullying again

Bullying. In my previous school there wasn’t bullying, no, better said it was not something too serious, because we teachers soon learned if it came about. 

I think it’s so because we had tutoring sessions with the students. We teachers were close to the students, and if there was some wrong move, we noticed it soon fortunately. 

In Finland, anyway, they have a system to cut off bullying. 

Among other things they teach the students to avoid just looking at the abuse: if they do nothing, the students know that it equals to agree with the kid that abuses with violence and insults. 

Also the students learn how to avoid making friends with the abusing kid. 

As well the students don’t laugh at the dreadful jokes by the abusing kid. 

If you have a problem with the abusing kid, the students know that if they tell about this abuse to their teachers or parents, these ones will do something to cut off the abusing. The abusing kid becomes discredited among his classmates. 

Parents are taught, with this system, to notice any change in their son’s or daughter’s behavior at home or in their grades (marks): it could be a signal of bullying. / Photo from: bullying www vidasaludableeudec cl
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