2825. How to Have Fun in a Foreign Language Class!

Enjoy teaching in English! Yes, enjoy classes – I mean it!
Make up an atmosphere of immersion, where you speak in English all the time, or 99% of the available time.
Enjoy imitating a native speaker, though you keep being yourself of course… It’s something expert H. D. Brown used to advise. In this way your students will feel they’re at someplace where English is the naturalistic way to communicate.
And this may take place whatever level your students are: adjust your speaking to that level. The point is you should speak in English all the time, trying anyway your students would understand you or mostly.
Have fun yourself! I try it so and the result is pretty nice! You can get something similar, I assure you! / Photo from: Spring Landscape Wallpaper masbradwall com. the pic is just an illustration


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