Saturday, April 30, 2016

2855. Educating Youngsters in a Nice Atmosphere

Sometimes classrooms get untidy: spare desks or some other furniture, card boxes… and in this way I assume we can’t teach nor educate our dear students.
I say “dear”, although sometimes our students can upset us… Anyway we have to love them with love of benevolence.
It’s difficult students grow up in a nice way if they’re surrounded by disorder and untidiness. Also class management gets more difficult if the classroom is messy.
So let’s dedicate some time to think about all this, and we can get advantage of this situation to educate our students in neatness and doing things for other people, their classmates! Students grow up in an appropriate way if the atmosphere is not strident and gaudy. Even they can’t learn and acquire English if there’s this kind of disorder. / Photo from: working in the laboratory. The picture shows a tidy atmosphere
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