Saturday, April 16, 2016

2833. Helping to Build Our Students' Personalities!

We teachers have been entrusted with the children of some families, maybe the better families we may know, if we may talk about “good” and “bad” families at all!
We teachers have in our hands a nice number of kids of whom we’re going to form and help to make up their temper and personality – not less than that…! And we help to “make up” their characters, their tempers and their personalities on the daily conducting in the classroom…
Those terms aren’t synonymous, similar they are though.
Whatever we do, whatever we don’t, in the classroom, even in our private lives (!), influence pretty much in our dear students’ lives… Be watchful, for I might say further on this interesting topic on upcoming posts! / Photo from: Tom-Klocker-Snowboarding-Teaches-You onboardmag com
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