Friday, April 29, 2016

2854. Just Empathy with My Students! Try It Yourself!

I taught private tuition yesterday, for the two brothers – one is ten years and his brother’s twelve.

They show some problems relating grammar and vocabulary.

I can speak freely about them because you don’t know them and will never meet them.

So those are some of their problems.

I’ve contacted one of their teachers at school – the younger’s one. And so I’ve learned about the younger brother’s stuff. Thus I’ve changed my private classes into classes-tutoring sessions – I talk for long with each of them too.

I wish to get close to them: one is in his puberty and his brother is in his pre-adolescence. And I’ve thought to be myself in those classes. In this way I guess I gain empathy with them. The elder brother I guess doesn’t like being told many things by an adult, like me.

But if you treat him with sincere affection and love of benevolence I’ve seen you can approach him pretty nice. / Photo from: www technovera in. the picture is an illustration, which tries to show well done work. you can see an architect with two foremen 
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