Wednesday, April 27, 2016

2851. Teaching My Oldies: Just Awesome!

With my adult senior students I usually implement the same routine, and it’s okay with them.
Basically I hand them out a worksheet from time to time. We work on it from different attack points, also here basically the same as always.
When we’ve worked on the same worksheet for a rather long time, and they master the vocabulary and the phrases of its, we change into the next worksheet I’ve composed for the time.
My students like this way of conducting, and are pretty motivated and even enthused with the worksheets, and also with talking with American volunteer girls, at conversation sessions along the week.
As different from other ordinary people, my students have lost any fear to speak in English, and they do so even before the class and even after the class. It’s so wonderful to teach them!

The worksheets are about given topics: At a travel agency, At the airport, Common and useful phrases, Stories I compose myself, etc. / Photo from: vincent van gogh www taringa net. The painting here is just an illustration
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