Saturday, April 9, 2016

2826. Our Students Always Are Nice People to Consider!

We teachers shouldn’t confine our labor to the specific school subject: math, English, science, literature, history, biology… but we ought to have ample lenses and a comprehensive view of teaching and learning.
We should be experts in humanities. Because of that we could read literature classics, plus sane philosophy or humanities, as I said.
We should be human and humane, as I’ve also said in some previous post. We might consider the student as unique, also as a person with freedom and a subsequent responsibility. Sometimes this just implies a sane laughing in classes by the teacher… if we have gotten the necessary discipline and class management, which also entails a humanist point of view!
Also this teaching entails a consideration of the student as a person, with his biography, and not just an individual being or number to be taught!
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