Saturday, April 30, 2016

2856. Tips for Diminishing Disruption Cases in a Class

Each of us teachers have to address a class-group, right? However we teachers should address each student, also in order to dissolve the “mass”.
We shouldn’t address a “mass” of students, as if the class-group was that “mass”. We can accomplish this goal by addressing each of our students by looking in their eyes, as though sweeping the class, when talking to them. Looking in their faces in a sincere way.
We should know each student and consider that each one is unique!
We can have large classes but we don’t have “masses”.
If we conduct in this nice way we will diminish disruptions: each and every student will feel unique and “alone” and addressed. Looking at their faces, with true love of benevolence and affection, diminishes disruptive students, for sure! / Photo from: XVIII-Regata-Illes-Balears-Clàssics www masmar net. The picture is just a nice illustration
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