Wednesday, April 20, 2016

2838. I Have a Sad Student, Brilliant Though. What to Do?

I have a student that looks rather sad, just sad.
He is so all the time. He is a student taught by me at private tuition. I usually wonder about his being sad or the kind. I often think about what to tell him or ask him – tactfully.
Well, you know, I don’t know whether I will be able to help him be happier by now, but I shall try to listen to him. And to pray for his being sad.
He was a student of mine last year too.
And I’ve gotten being stunned at what he can remember from my classes and tutoring sessions of last year, like for example my angel’s name: he can remember quite a lot.
I guess he must feel accompanied by me, and listened to as well. Maybe one day he can smile.
The point here I guess is to listen to what he tells me about. And hopefully he’ll get assisted by me.
Also I’d like to contact his dad: I think to remember he’s also rather kinda sad, so it may be something of the family. I will let you know after tomorrow, about my findings. I won’t let you know much about him, though obviously you can’t know him anyway.
Any piece of advice will be accepted from any of you! / Photo from: hpcourtyard wordpress com.
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