Monday, April 18, 2016

2835. Who Educates My Children?

The first and main educators are our students’ parents! The school is a nice subsidiary help. Because parents don’t need to know about chemistry, the history of the Ancient Egypt, biology…
What I mean is they entrust their children to their teachers in order to be instructed at those knowledge areas. When teaching those things the teachers anyway are educating too – think of the way those teachers consider work and life...
But those parents (and also other family members, like elder siblings) keep on educating them for life now and their future lives. Parents are the first and main educators, and have the corresponding right to choose and select the school they wish for their kids, don’t they?
Think that that school may have such or such teachers, and the parents may wish their children should be taught by them. / Photo from: street-musician-021 www spanishdict com. the picture tries to be a nice illustration
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