Wednesday, April 20, 2016

2837. A Solution to Immerse into English!

We non-native teachers of the English language should create and build an immersion atmosphere of talking in English in the classes, and that’s okay, but since I’ve seen many teachers that don’t do that way I would advise them to make up and create such an atmosphere inside them: I mean they should immerse themselves into English – otherwise they won’t be able to make up that atmosphere in the classes: you can give what you have in your mind, and you cannot give what you don’t have!
There are anyway many a teacher that use English as the vehicle language in their classes, but unfortunately there are also many that insist too much in just translation from English to Spanish.
Any solution? For instance they could listen to live radio programs in English from the Internet…
In this way they will be able to pass on that like for English to their students. They can find many radio stations in English if they type “Mikes Radio” on a browser, like Google. / Photo from: www youtube com. that restaurant is at the foot of Alhambra palace in Granada, where I live!
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