Monday, April 18, 2016

2836. Who Else Educates My Kids?

To grow up with human values and virtues is a nice point, yes sir!
We teachers and parents, shoulder to shoulder, as we say in Spain, must try hard but nice to help our kids to grow up as firm as a good oak.
And where are our kiddies going to learn those values and virtues? First I shall tell you some of these values and virtues, I shall remind you of some: generosity, honesty, joy, solidarity, charity, fortitude, politeness, hard-working power, kindness, and those were some of the nice virtues I can remember just on the spot!
Oh, and let’s set nice examples to our kids: their eyes are pretty open to capture all we do, all we think!
Now in short words: they, our kids, will learn those habits first at home, and at school at the same time, so let’s be prudent and accomplished, if we want to have accomplished workers, and citizens, to say it in one word. / Photo from: 28thstreet2010
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