Sunday, April 10, 2016

2827. What We Do Regularly Every Single Day!

We English language teachers –and any school subject teachers-  should have a humanist view and perspective, so as to involve English learning for instance into something more global, this is, any school subject should be taught by a teacher with ample lenses, from a humanist point of view, right?
We teach people, persons, and anyone is unique and susceptible to be treated as such…
We teach intelligent people, with a uniqueness suitable to take care of.
For example we should keep discipline in classes but also let’s remember any student has his own needs and keeps being free: discipline and class management should entail the fact that we teach free people, free persons! And they may behave as they feel better.  / Photo from: www biketourbuzz com. it's just a picture as an illustration. the landscape is Mediterranean, with plenty of olive trees, like in Andalusiatourbu
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