Thursday, April 21, 2016

2839. Preventing from School Failure

The school where I taught in Jaén until fourteen years ago had some strong favorable points. Look.
The students did have individual tutoring sessions with a teacher; we had teacher meetings at assessing and evaluating periods; etc.
I want to focus on those aforementioned points.
We could listen to each student, and each student could feel being assisted and listened to! They could give vents to their troubles, problems, distresses!
And we teachers, by sections or academic years, could listen to what the teachers in charge of each class wanted and wished to communicate with us the rest of the teachers of that section.
In that way we also nicely prevented from school failure, which is somewhat frequent in Spain, I mean, more than in other European countries.
In few words, each and every student was followed and tracked by an adult, who also tried to be in frequent and close contact with their parents and families. It was a family school, so as to say a suitable expression: families had a huge place and role in our dear school... / Photo from: coche-mecanico www motorafondo net. mechanics fixing a car engine
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