Wednesday, November 2, 2016

3024. Educating Today

Teachers aren’t the only and main educators of young people.
It is parents, and families too – elder siblings for example – the ones that have the unique mission of educating their children, right?
We teachers are an extension of their home, and we educate in their parents’ name. So we should talk with those parents frequently. And we have to educate parents to fulfill their beautiful mission as parents.
Something specific we can do to help educate their children is to call parents to the school, to hold some tutoring sessions with them. I know at some centers there’s no available schedule for this duty, but I presume that’s something we teachers should do, is that so? I presume yes.
Today parents cannot confine their mission to just bring children to the world, but they have to learn how to educate those children. I mean, in the past parents could educate their children as something natural and that’s it, but now they have to learn how to educate, and here we teachers I think can do a lot.
Because we teachers for instance can read education books and so we can be updated, but often still some parents may not have those skills, knowledge and experiences. Affection is not enough, although obviously we should count on it.
So as to finish, I would say we teachers should study and read education books and material in the Web, with discernment, for not all advice is sound and sensible, though there’s a lot of clever and thorough material to read anyway! And also we could offer parents those readings and books. / Photo from: kids-playing-chess Wonderopolis
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