Friday, November 25, 2016

3041. Do You Empathize with Your Students?

We teachers should also talk with our students apart our classes. And we’ll do so in order to be updated about their likes, with prudence. Even more if we’re over 40 years, I would say.
In other contexts different from classes themselves we should chat with them, and also they will get to know us better, in other contexts, as I said. Because of that it may be sensible to run short excursions or escapes from the school.
Our students thus will see we’re human and normal people. We might positively influence on their education thanks to and due to the prestige we will have gained from our teaching and classes, well sketched and drafted – remember I told you we should plan each and every lesson.
We have to be updated about their likes, with a convenient prudence. Do we know about their videogames, cell phone gadgets, etc.? Or otherwise we think any past time was better than now?
We teachers and adults in general should be enthused with modern times, which have both positive and negative things! We have to be enamored of our times and our world, and we should empathize with our dear students. Something practical and tiny we can implement is to repeat what they’re saying, as a tag or periphrasis of what they just said, and so we’ll show we’re following their discourse.
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