Wednesday, November 23, 2016

3039. Teaching? Awesome!

I’ve been writing for long about teaching English and educating our students. Since 2009.
I do like to teach and educate, in their parents’ name. I like to treat people, both young and adults as well. Teaching and educating are just great. You know that you can leave a nice and fine trace in your students: what you teach and educate now, and the way you carry it out is like a seed that will yield fruit soon and during all their lives too. What a responsibility!
Whatever you do and whatever you don’t do influence on our students for a great deal.
What teachers can we remember and recall more frequently and better? Those ones that were really good teachers, right? They planted a seed that configures your life for a lot, doesn’t it? The idea you have about life influences on your students, and this is irremediable. Perhaps teaching is a job that can gratify for deals. Perhaps it is one of the jobs that can hurt you most or otherwise gratify you most.
It is nice and beautiful to be a teacher: you’ve been involved in all an adventure! One that maybe you had not thought about when you began! / Photo from: autumn wallpapers
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