Monday, November 28, 2016

3043. On Nice Class Management

I’ve written for long about class management and classroom discipline, and you can consult the labels or tags at the right column of my blog.
Okay then, I would add that the best discipline is the teacher’s moral authority, the one gained because of his prestige as a teacher. Moreover also the best discipline is self-discipline: the one gained by some students that are convinced they wish to learn and acquire English.
I’ve seen it in real life.
As well and in order to reinforce those discipline and class management the teacher can, from time to time, talk to his students about the positive value that is paying attention and behaving well: they will gain more than if otherwise they become disruptive.
Discipline and class management are built day after day, with a perseverant labor and welfare at the classroom, both by the students and by their teacher. Thus we as teachers can converse, discuss, talk at the classroom with our students for these latter ones to get persuaded the best thing they can do is to behave well. It is them who wish to learn, and so they just do not confine to be silent, but to intervene and contribute to the lesson by their nice participation.
As I said, this is something gained day after day, but it is a realistic goal anyway. It is something gotten over time, let’s be patient, and let’s also talk with veteran teachers about our everyday struggle. / Photo from: Green flag. I like sport cars but I think they're a luxury. 
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