Thursday, November 3, 2016

3025. As Free as a Balloon!

We teachers have to educate our students in an atmosphere of freedom, freedom and the subsequent responsibility, subsequent not in time but at the same time they exert their freedom.
They will be able to learn if they’re free to do it!
Only the person who wishes to learn will learn. I can recall a teacher that told me that I used to scold the students that were chatting in class, and that teacher told me, ok you’re right you have to gently scold them or call their attention, but ultimately they should be free to actually learn: only those students who want to learn will learn.
Because learning is so a personal thing. The best discipline is self-discipline: when the students interiorize and learn that they have to learn, they will behave themselves. Discipline is not just an exterior thing, a set of rules you set in your classes, but a personal thing.
Paradoxically only those students that are free will behave all right!
They have to want to, they have to wish. And we teachers what we can do is to explain to them about discipline, and they’ll understand it’s better for themselves and for their classmates to respect one another.
Another practical point about discipline and class management: only if the students are busy they will have fewer chances to be disruptive, as sheer as that! / Photo from: balloons sky striped Ergo Trading Net
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