Wednesday, November 9, 2016

3030. My Lesson Goals Are High!

I reckon we teachers should plan each and every lesson, and we have websites with material by real teachers, and that’s pretty nice.
Also we should think of a specific goal or a few goals for those lessons we plan. For example: to give a summary of a text by speaking, and that’s also okay. Sometimes the objective or goal can be more general, as for instance to practice speaking.
But do we teachers have specific goals for the whole school year? It’d be sensible and you may agree with that assertion.
In other words, we should propose short-termed goals and long-termed ones as well. Alike we could concretize some tendencies, which could be trends our dear students should take over time, but they’re not very specific goals, like to gain a communicative competence in English, which is the language I teach, as you know. Or I help my students learn. Those tendencies are like attitudes we foster at lessons.
Sometimes we’ll plan just activities, but with an implicit goal in mind, like for example: to write a summary of the worksheet texts, which would have the implicit goal of acquiring English language or something more specific: to write an essay or composition in that marvelous language.
You know, now we have some insight about tracing goals. Hope it be useful for you all! / Photo from: happy moms raise happy kids! Allparenting. The pic is just a nice illustration… but right now I think also parents should run some educating goals, right?
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