Tuesday, November 15, 2016

3035. Discipline and Class Management

Are you concerned about discipline and class management? Today I would tell you that the teacher who respects his students, and is serious in the classroom, and plans his lessons and tries to improve his teaching, that teacher will gain his students’ respect. More likely than not. He will be respected by his students. Over time. Be patient.
Also if you love your students with love of benevolence, this is, wishing and seeking their good, you will be respected and loved, over time, with also love of benevolence. No doubt. More likely than not. I can assure you from my experience.
Get interested in their things. For their benefit. Get interested in their learning. Sometimes students may be disruptive because they can’t learn and work well, and they see no sense to learning. With passing time, when you’re gaining their respect, you may feel the need of even smiling, with a challenging smile, attracting your students to the challenge of learning. / Photo from: backingham palace guards The Telegraph
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