Sunday, November 13, 2016

3034. Working with People is Nice!

I just realized about the point that for our profession as teachers “the other people” is of a paramount importance.
We live and earn our living by “the others”. For us teachers communication among people is pretty important, isn’t it? Every day we’re building up relationships among people and we don’t know how to live without “the others”. “The others” are our dear students, their parents, our colleagues, the lady cleaners, the school cooks, the admins…
Either we know how to build up nice and human and humane and humanitarian relationships among all of us each and every day or we’re building up something-against-the-person.
But stay calm, for us teachers, each and every single day are building up, or trying to build up, nice relationships. We don’t know how to live without other people. Each and every single day we face up innumerable occasions and chances to build up nice relationships among persons, though our students might not be willing to build up those relationships… sometimes or quite often anyway.
However, if we love those persons, namely our naughty students, or some of them are naughty, we will ultimately reach a human and humane small nice society in our classrooms and in the school.
We teachers are expert at humanity. And we show it up at our brave everyday labor. We don’t want to live without people: parents, teachers, students, and the rest of the school personnel. Our lessons must be full of humanity, and we’re after it, and you my colleague teachers and educators and parents show it to me with your actions, each and every single day! / Photo from: top-college-professor-in-mississippi Her Campus
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