Tuesday, November 8, 2016

3029. Our Job as Teachers Is Just Great!

Our students have many different school subjects: math, science, history, sports, a foreign or second language, grammar, spelling, maybe religious doctrine, biology, chemistry… And there should be something, some thread which should unite all those knowledges, skills, paradigms, practices, lab practices. By the way, we may enjoy teaching those disciplines: I do!
Something unitive can be joy, yes, a somewhat mature intelligence, a joyful one, which knows how to be over all those subjects, taking them to a common goal: personal growth. In the school subject of English, which one I teach, so I’m the master of it at the classroom, I can ask in English about what my students are learning at all those subjects: What are you learning in history? And I can help my students talk about those knowledges in English, so I will provoke, say, a conversation in English, a real and naturalistic one, for some minutes.
Above I said joy can unite, join and combine all those subjects: a smart student can override those learnings and findings together and draw his own consequences, conclusions and convictions. I mean, the point about all this is that the main goal of our job as teachers is educating persons with freedom and responsibility, who can orientate their decisions toward their maturity as free and responsible people.
And also remember that school is a home extension: It is parents the ones who have the main mission at educating their kids, and we teach those kids school subjects their parents don’t need to have: biology, chemistry, history of the ancient world… Our job is great! / Photo from: a cool old car www tajihi com. It is clever for our dear students to gain for example a thorough knowledge of our rich Western civilization, and its foundations and basements: Ancient Greece, Christian roots also, science development along our medieval history, etc.
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