Thursday, November 10, 2016

3031. Immersion, Communication and Motivation!

If you’re a second or foreign language teacher I’d advise you to speak in that language to your students at the classroom, all the time. The more you speak in the target tongue the better.
What’s more, try to speak only in that language or 99% of the allotted time for your classes. That’s the only way for our students to acquire English for example – if the case. This is, our students will be acquiring English and not only learning it. With massive clear though English our students can gain that tongue.
We have to be careful because we easily may have the temptation of turning to our common mother language, this is Spanish, for an easy translation. And we would so be not doing our students any favors.
Besides by using the target language and so making up immersion in English in the classroom we are motivating our students to also speak in English, for we’re creating an atmosphere in which English is the communication vehicle!
Let’s take advantage also that the USA president elect Mr. Trump is appearing on TV and the Web for a lot, and thus English is kind of fashionable and trendy now among Spanish people – close to every young person is willing to learn English, because they need it for a job.
In a few words: We’re going to motivate our students to learn, acquire and speak in English if we speak English from the moment we arrive at the classroom, until we leave it! It is my own experience and it works. / Photo from: piperhire2-1168x500 the scottish piper club scottishpiperclub com
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