Saturday, November 12, 2016

3033. Avoiding Boredom in the Classroom

It is also sensible we teachers should have scheduled goals and objectives concerning our teaching labor, and with our students in mind.
So those goals would be general and the same ones for everybody. However it could be also sound to have extra-goals for those students who can progress more, and otherwise, with no extra-goals they would get terribly bored in our lessons...
As well they could be objectives or goals those high-achievers might freely choose – it is clever to give freedom and responsibility to our students, and educate them in those freedom and responsibility.
In my case, as I am an English-language teacher I used to provide extra-material for those high-achievers. Namely and specifically I used to hand them material for training for First Certificate level of English, according to Cambridge University, or in other words B2 level of English, the first professional level of that language – it’s high-intermediate.
In the school subject of English, moreover, there are very different levels of that tongue in the same classroom!
Alike we could give those students the charge of assisting and monitoring low-achievers, as I explained on another post, a few days ago. It would be a dull thing to get less from those students, when they actually can reach farther! / Photo from: autumn wallpaper
Also those high-achievers might repeat aloud with their own words what we teachers just said and it's pretty difficult for low-achievers.
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