Wednesday, November 16, 2016

3036. Our Job as Teachers Is Great!

In order to educate our students we have to love them. In order to teach them English and help them learn and acquire that language we need to love them. Otherwise we cannot educate them, neither can we teach them English!
The school should be a home extension: we teach our dear students English because their parents cannot know all the knowledge areas, competences and skills we specialized teachers can teach them.
School is a home extension: we’re teaching and educating daughters and sons of families. Their parents have entrusted them to us to be taught and educated! Which means a big and nice responsibility, doesn’t it?
If we love our students with love of benevolence, we will wish the best for them. This entails specific and tangible everyday things and actions. We will actually address each student, which implies looking in their eyes, and maybe treating them as if they were the only student in the classroom.
I try to treat them as children of God, and that helps me quite a lot. Perhaps that is the noblest way of treating them, which implies kindness and politeness, oh and also wishing the best to them, which is God himself.
As well I will seek their happiness, as a result. I don’t just have people in my lessons, but people I have to try they would learn how to be happy, and this is a thorough insight: I’ll teach and help them to learn English because if they become good and nice workers they’ll more likely be happier, right? If they become better students they’ll be able to find their development and improve their specific personalities. / Photo from: old plane 4 old-planes-history blogspot com. The photo is just a nice illustration. I like planes.
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