Monday, November 7, 2016

3028. Students Monitoring Students: Awesome!

I’ve noticed that something nice works fine at our lessons: a student explains to a classmate of his something I just explained but it wasn’t clear enough to some of my students.
The first student explains the same I explained but with his own words, which make the second student understand better.
Even sometimes we teachers can set monitor students to help low-achiever students. They may sit next to a low-achiever student and help him carry out the activities they have to do, at a silent allotted time within the lesson. It works and turns out fine!
Have you ever tried so? It’s sensible. Also because the monitor improves his grades, his attitude at learning, his aptitude to learn, and he matures quite a lot.
I’d advise you all to implement it: you’ll get amazed about the results. Spanish expert at learning Víctor García Hoz explained that in the seventies some research was carried out about this kind of monitoring and the results were also fine. Give it a try yourself.
Even more in the case you’ve got many students per class. At foreign or second language lessons a small number of students per class is necessary. So if we happen to have too many students, we could arrange some monitor-students who would repeat what we said at them all at a more general mode, I mean when addressing the whole class-group: they can help their classmates at silent activity moments. / Photo from: www wpmayor com. The picture might show one worker helping and assisting another.
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