Saturday, November 26, 2016

3042. Let's Be Watchful at School!

Let’s be careful, because some of our dear students could be suffering from solitude and loneliness, although they may be surrounded by their classmates and teachers.
I knew a case, a classmate of mine when I was a schoolboy, when I was 12 or 13 years, who felt so lonely. His name was Sebastián and had a tragic end. From here I make him a homage.
So both teachers and students should be on alert. Better if male teachers receive male students’ pains and sorrows, and the same for female teachers and female students. Tutoring sessions can be a nice chance to observe and learn about these problems.
Let’s be watchful because those poor students could be not sharing their wounds with other people, neither with their families... We people are not made to live in a lonely way: we need other people and other people need us too! A person develops himself by counting on others.
Oh, and there could also be lonely teachers as well – think of novice teachers for example. Also we count on God, and that is always so, and it’s a big help, also psychologically. Other times students and teachers might feel the great feeling of a need to tell about their joys too! Or for instance a student at a given lesson might feel the need of telling a funny joke that came to mind, and start to be uneasy because he has got to tell the joke: we as teachers can discern whether it is better for him to tell it aloud or stay silent, which may be sensible and convenient for him as well. / Photo from: panoramio. Police officers on duty are on alert, aren’t they?
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