3181. The Best Classroom Management!

We teachers have to teach our students how to think. How to learn to think on their own.
We will provide them with texts that will make them think, and we’ll do so in the school subject of English as a foreign language too. Texts that matter are convenient.
I mean we’ll use those texts from which we can draw a nice discussion as a follow-up activity to simple reading. We teachers will help them join what read with their own lives. My experience at teaching English is that we can provide our students with texts that have an interdisciplinary nature: English plus history, English plus short biographies, English plus human-interest texts, etc.
In some way yesterday I wrote about a transcendent view of human beings, something like: If you love you’ll be loved. I don’t mean we should love to seek being loved in a selfish way: love is generosity, love is giving yourself to the loved person, love is benevolence love – wishing what’s good, and is there anything better than God himself?
Anyway if we love we will be loved, more likely than not. In the worksheets I hand out to my students I try to include educative texts, in some or other way. And the students are looking forward to being given a new worksheet. This year I’ve arranged and outfitted about twenty worksheets.
And thank God I can say my students have advanced quite much, yes sir, I’d say so. Also I’ve learned from them! Also English! Also from their way of working hard! I’m content with them all: they were committed students, yes sir, they were. / Photo from: urban-landscape-wallpaper-15 NEW Evolution design. A huge suspension bridge is built after a lot of work and effort invested, like lessons themselves: they deserve a lot of invested attempts.


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