3183. A Special Atmosphere in the Classroom

Along these years I’ve also found out that my students must receive a massive input in English – the target language – if I want to get a massive output from them.

So at the beginning of the lesson lately I usually speak for a few minutes in English (close to all the lesson is in English!) for my students to warm up. I also make them participate by means of answering some questions I ask them. In that way we make immersion in English and the classroom becomes a place where the vehicle language is English.

Even before and after the lesson my dear students also talk to me in that tongue. They’re great. So those warmers I implement are the first activity proper we carry out. For example lately I’m explaining to my students what warmers are themselves, and the thing is okay and it works, and they are eager to participate. We have few lessons left until the year is over! / Photo from: Beyond Mars  Discover Magazine Blogs. Also Mars has a special atmosphere: When will we go?


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