3185. You Can Relax!

Warmers? They’re necessary for each lesson we teach.
Lately I’m explaining to my dear students that warmers are kind of an introduction or prolog to the lesson. They serve the purpose of warming up to be able to understand and speak in English, the target tongue I teach and enjoy teaching. A few questions plus speaking by the teacher are a nice warmer.
I guess you all are about looking forward to finishing the school year, in the north hemisphere. Is that right? So also, beside warmers, we teachers need relaxing activities… and not only warmers.
For relaxing we can implement a series of exercises prior to a lesson, so before we enter the classroom and we may be at our office. Or even along the school halls in a prudent way! First relax your limbs, if sitting down (even if you’re standing up). They’re quick exercises and take not a long time.
With practice you’ll do these exercises more quickly and with more effectiveness.
Then relax all your face muscles, your shoulders, your limbs again. And try to listen to silence if possible, or try to refrain your inner thoughts in that fast stream we can get involved in. Breathe twice and slowly. And you can repeat the exercises or go for next battle, more ready than before the exercises. And then you’ll see easier to carry out those necessary warmers I told you about: a catchy activity with which you’ll get your students more prepared for their also next battle to learn English, or math, or science, or whatever it is.
In some way those warmers or warm-ups will be relaxing for your students too! They should be so! / Photo from: copicola com. I posted that picture because it’s relaxing, and maybe a place we’d like to be at.


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