3180. Are We Happy?

When are we happy, as philosophers put it? When we generously give ourselves to other people, in full service.
And we can carry out this way by means of fulfilling our professional work in a nice and competent way plus serving others. When we conduct in that way we’re making ourselves susceptible of being happy.
The first premise is giving ourselves to God: that transcendent way of acting makes our lives become precisely that, transcendent, able to go beyond, which is the meaning of “transcendent”. If every single day we go to the office or wherever else to fulfill our duties in a clean way, we’re making ourselves able to be transcendent, because we overwhelm our possible selfishness.
And then we can smile in an honest way. And we’ll find ourselves loving everybody else. With benevolence love, which means wishing what’s good to the others. I’ve seen it in several lives. This is my opinion. / Photo from: executive-looking-through-the-window-with-the-mobile-phone_1098-3569 Freepik


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