3173. More Satisfied

Lately I’ve thought again that when you give yourself to other people, you may more likely be happy.
And we teachers have so many chances to give ourselves to our students. But not only. I mean that we also have to offer our help to the parents and families, and to our colleague teachers as well. I know you all are committed teachers and will understand this.
Some people have told me about this experience: when you think of other people you eventually forget about your daily problems and the like. I’ve met teachers who have devoted themselves to their students and ultimately they’ve felt better.
I don’t mean we have to help out to seek our selfish welfare. When we think of our students’ troubles we have less time to think of our own problems, to which ones also we will pay attention to, of course.
I’ve met people who felt happy and ultimately they had given themselves to the parents, teachers and students, and precisely in that order. / Photo from: jg consultation


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