3194. When Our Students Are Nice!

Meals at school is a nice chance to educate our students. They have to learn how to have lunch properly. For example they have to learn how to wait and form a line. Also they’ll learn, with our help, to take whatever they are able to eat and not to have spare food that will go to the trash can and ultimately to the dumpster. There are many countries where they’re suffering a famine...
As well they should learn not to be capricious nor whimsical nor fussy. Also we can tell the cooks to serve whatever the kids are able to eat, and not too much. They will throw their peels to the trash can also properly.
Sorry to descend to such details but having lunch has many small things to take care of and is so educative!
If some peel or paper napkins drop out of the garbage can we’ll tell that kid to pick them up. Of course and I said it already, they should not throw spare food to that can.
I was remembering about a camp I attended in the summers: we the monitors used to sit down at the boys’ tables approximately each monitor at each table, and even we used to bless and thank God for the meal. We did those things in a very natural way. And it was a battle to educate our boys in a proper way. But it was pretty educative, and above all their moms thanked us monitors when the kids were back at home: their boys had changed and they or some of them tended to make their beds in the morning before going to school. Those moms asked us what we had done with their boys, because they were pretty helpful and attentive!
And we monitors or teachers taught all this is a nice way, with elegance and smiling. The kids were happy at those camps and they had fun, in a proper way. / Photo from: Blog Tennis Decathlon


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