Tuesday, May 23, 2017

3192. Just for the End of the School Year!

In my opinion the teacher should have more knowledge about more areas, not only about the school subject he teaches. In that way he will be able to teach with more ample lenses, and with more perspective: we're educating kids to be wise, if possible.
I wrote something about the necessary interdisciplinary nature teaching in the classroom should have, on post # 3181. For example in English as a foreign language I try to also include texts about history, short biographies, technology… texts with some human interest about them. Modestly I can tell you that I have more knowledge than just English.
Also in some way we should give our teaching a humanistic touch. Our students have more subjects than the one we may be teaching. And all knowledges should be interwoven. This is rather a complex thing but we can just ask our students what they’re learning at other subjects, in English, and so they can tell us something that will so be connected with our subject of English.
As well you may have noticed my blog is not only about teaching and learning that language but it includes other brush-strokes, and it tries to have ample lenses.
More and more at schools activities of some interdisciplinary nature are implemented. Subjects are not just watertight departments but they should be interwoven in some way. / Photo from: good-camera-ftr Parade. Teaching with ample lenses, like a good camera!

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