3174. When Our Students Are Great Again!

I read it in Pope Francis some time ago. He proposed not to talk bad about anybody. I liked it and think it’s okay with the school too.
Somebody told me also not to talk bad about anybody at the school. Or otherwise it’d be better to correct what’s wrong personally to the person who did it wrong.
We can teach our students to conduct in that way. It has to do with bullying. The point is teaching them to be honest and honorable with everybody else. It would be much better for them to correct things to their classmates, in a peaceful and not humiliating way, plus aside and apart.
For example when they detect there’s a bullying thing arising they could turn to the offender and tell him not to carry on in that way. Experts say that bullying must be stopped by students themselves.
And how can the teacher find out something ugly is starting to arise among students? I learned something in the school where I worked until 2002. We teachers in charge of a class had a council of three or four students chosen among themselves – this point is important: they had been chosen by their classmates.
And from time to time, or more importantly whenever those chosen students thought it’d be okay, they met with their teacher and told him the problems that were occurring, like some student that could be being left behind, or such or such student was being treated bad or with bullying.
The offender did know he could be reported about that bullying to their teacher in charge of the class of students. And also he knew there was a committee or council to help him. I mean: that council was in favor of all their classmates and existed to help out one another.
Now I add that one student from that council could treat about that problem with the offender kid. For that the corrector student had to be a leader, and had to have a rather strong temper or personality. We educated leaders in some way. / Photo from: Buzzforinfo. The picture is a nice illustration.


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