3182. How to Get a Lot from Our Students

I’ve found out, over time, that positive motivation can make us reach quite far in our classrooms! Our students can go far in their learning process, if they receive positive motivation, instead of too many punishments and penalties.
So we can in the classroom state what’s right in our students’ contributions, up to the point that we could recognize as okay to closely all their contributions. The point is accepting their right targets, when they give a nice answer. It’s my experience. My students have gone far because they’re nice students plus my recognizing their right contributions, which are most of them!
This is better than just denouncing what’s wrong about them. We get and gain more from our students when we give them positive motivation. However we will praise gently, not too much, so as to avoid too much pride from them.
For example some minutes before right now I was teaching my grown-ups, and I was trying to praise their contributions (not too much remember!). Also I usually tell them after the lesson: Thank you for your hard work, and they can leave the classroom so content – they’re great anyway. Remember the point is recognizing what’s right from them, small things they can be though. Do this way and you’ll get a lot from your students! / Photo from: Future Space Travel. We will reach far if conducting that way, like space traveling in the future.


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