Monday, May 29, 2017

3197. Immersion into the Target Language Is Better

If we’re English-language teachers, or another second or foreign language, I think we should teach in English, all the time.
Don’t worry too much if you spoke in your and your students’ mother tongue, but rectify! Shift back into English. The point is making up immersion in the classroom. That’s the only way for our students to acquire and not only learn the language. A language that is taught should be used in the classroom, all the time or close to 99% of the allotted time. But try 100% better, and you’ll see that you’ve used the target language 99% in practice.
Acquiring is different from learning. We consciously learn a language but we acquire it in an aware way. And can adults acquire or only infants, children? H. D. Brown stated that the answer can be a qualified YES.
Also don’t give language facts too much, better if you create that atmosphere where the vehicle language is English. You’ve been using the mother tongue? Rectify your way and from now on make up the firm resolution of speaking in English. Good job!
And remember: Adults that are exposed to English massively and intensely can also acquire the language. As well offer your students challenges and chances to take risks. For example if they’ve got to define words in English from the dictionary, do not confine them to only define easy and basic words: you’ll get amazed when you see that your students can also define more advanced lexis! I’ve seen it this morning, with my adult learners.
So remember, when you realize you’re using the mother tongue, shift back into English! Your students will appreciate it, if they’re really wishing to learn and acquire English! / Photo from: Time. Some of my students listen to English courses on TV at home.

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