3176. How to Treat High-Achiever Students

I see you teachers are enthused with teaching. Enthusiasm plus optimism plus seeing things from a positive viewpoint is great.
Remember that my optimism is also hope: the foundation is God himself plus the great potentialities of the human person.
This transcendent view of things also provides a rope to grasp for nice and positive everyday living. God has a superior and great love to us all. The one like all dads and moms on earth can have.
And about human potentialities I’ve seen it along my career as a teacher. When we treat our students as better than they are or seem to be they become greater.
Now I’m thinking of high-achiever students: in English – the subject I teach – you have to think of them very much because they could become bored in the lessons if you don’t give them superior activities.
All this without forgetting our low-achievers. High-achievers can help low-achievers: they can repeat a question or prompt from the teacher in their own words in English… which sometimes are easier to understand than my own words in English as a teacher.
Also we can give extra-work to high-achievers. / Photo from: bmw concept car Pinterest. The illustration might show a concept car that is made as possible if carried out by high-achiever technicians. German made.


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