Wednesday, May 24, 2017

3193. Something Relaxing

Wait there. We may somehow suffer from the ending school year, we teachers may have a lot to do, we may be tired and exhausted, we may be anxious, a bit anxious about the final lessons, we may suffer from some family circumstances, and our younger students may be also kind of nasty at this end of the school year…
First premise: we’re children of God. Let’s rest, turn to and lean on him: He’s near everyone who calls him. And that serenity will help you turn to your last forces in order to finish our school year even somehow gloriously, so as to say.
This is my advice. Something else: I knew a teacher who used to turn to his father God pretty often, also for giving him thanks about what turned out well.
Alike let’s consider that sometimes what makes us suffer at school can be kind also of exaggerations. That teacher said that often what makes us suffer are exaggerations and ideas that are not rational nor reasonable, as I told you all a few posts ago.
Let’s be optimistic by stopping to think that those ideas are, as I said, not rational nor reasonable. And that’s it. And remember, our father God is near everyone that calls him and turns to him, and He has a never-ending love and tender. / Photo from: www diveskiworld co nz. The picture is just a curious illustration, and also it may show a big mouth, like the one we think now at the end of the school year is about to devour us…

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